Refrigerating and cooling technologies for the shipping industry

We have years of experience in cooling and refrigeration solutions specifically aimed at the maritime sector. This enables our professionals to translate your specific wishes to the most reliable cooling and freezing equipments and accessories that are to be found on the market. They will guide you through the process and coordinate the purchase of refrigerators and accessories and will install them for you. Renowned suppliers such as Danfoss, Bitzer, Carrier, Helpman (Alfa Laval) evaporators and G√ľntner are among our preferred brands.

Ships are in the harbour for a short while only. Our service area covers all harbours in the Netherlands and Belgium. We maintain a strict logistical planning, offer a high amount of flexibility, a 24/7 availability and have the harbour as our working area. Many of our employees have the maritime knowledge that enables them to work efficiently and accurately. After all, the quality of the food has to be guaranteed for a longer period.