Cooling technologies

Over the past 60 years we built up an extensive experience in cooling technologies. We deliver and install:

  • Cold stores for both cooling and freezing
  • Evaporators
  • Cold kitchens in line with HACCP requirements

We offer the above-mentioned services mostly in the healthcare domain. This sector has strict requirements with respect to the liability of refrigerators and freezers and the professional knowledge of the technicians. Verhaar Gebeko meets these demands seamlessly, because we use quality products only and we have a strong customer-focus. Of course you’ve heard this before, but the most important thing is that we’re critical. A good result is in our best interest as well.

Some clients where we applied our refrigerating and cooling technologies:

  • Sint Franciscus Gasthuis (hospital)
  • Ikazia Ziekenhuis (hospital)
  • Argos Zorggroep
  • Aafje
  • Het Vissershuis
  • RIVM
  • Apotheek A15 together with Kropman Nijmegen

For a full list of references or more information about a project that was designed for a specific application, please contact our sales department.