Unlimited, but not uncontrolled

Every time a ship is in the harbour, it will be there for a short while only. Our service area covers all harbors in the Netherlands and Belgium. We maintain a strict logistical planning, offer a high amount of flexibility, a 24/7 availability and have the harbor as our working area. Many of our employees have the maritime knowledge that enables them to work efficiently and accurately in this field.

The merger of Verhaar and Gebeko

Gebeko was founded just after the Second World War ended, around 1950. These were the glorious days of the Dutch docks. Gebeko was specialized in cooling and refrigerating technologies for the shipping industry. The company has a strong reputation in cold stores for maritime transport.

Verhaar Koel- en Luchttechniek (VKL) was founded in 1977 and mainly focused on providing solutions for cooling, refrigerating and ventilation technologies for care centres and healthcare institutions. The fact that Verhaar is able to offer so many applications – such as refrigerating and freezing technologies, ventilation, air conditioning, cold kitchens, mortuaries and cold stores – makes this company a professional all-rounder with an industry-focused approach.

In short, both companies already were an expert in their own discipline. In 2005 the two companies merged under the name Verhaar Gebeko. This synergy in expertise makes Verhaar Gebeko an authority in the field of refrigeration technology, air conditioning and refrigeration and cooling solutions for ships.